About Anke

Anke Catesby Brisbane Body Painter


Anke has been drawn towards artistic expression since she was a little girl.  Unfortunately, the way she was raised saw art as a silly little diversion, not to be pursued in a serious manner.

So it took many years before she would follow this passion of hers.  she picked it up with gusto and painted anything that would stand still long enough. Furniture, clothes, paper, canvas, MDF…..anything and everything was fair game.  It was LOTS of fun.

Nudes have always been her thing, no idea where they came from…..but the female form just seemed to flow so naturally that she kept with that general theme.

There was a brief time when she experimented with ceramics, she loved the tactile, 3D nature of this medium  – but she could never quite get her head around the firing process, which meant she had to rely on other people…….which meant it kinda faded away.

Leather sculpture was also fun, and is something she wouldn’t mind working with again, but at this stage there are only a few works left of that stage of her arty life.

These days Anke’s Art happens ON bodies.  Working on a living canvas opens up a lot of possibilities, as well as challenges.
She has painted people for fun, for photos, for events, to commemorate special moments in life……

If you have a body art idea you’d love to try, send Anke your idea and she’ll try to make it happen for you.

Art happens…….