Australian Body Art Carnivale (Festival) 2013

1st Prize and People’s Choice Award in the Brush and Sponge competition. Australian Body Art Carnivale (Festival) 2013 – Natator Photography

Australian Body Art Carnivale (Festival) 2013

On the weekend it was time again for the Australian Body Art Carnivale to take place in Eumundi, a gorgeous little town on the Sunshine Coast. Body artists from all over came together to turn their models into colourful pieces of art, while thousands of onlookers cheered.  It was the first time I joined the throng, and it was a total buzz.

The theme for this year was “Best of Oz” and it was entirely up to the artist how they interpreted that.  Some went with Australian icons, well known Australian people, Wizard of Oz, Priscilla of the Desert….. as long as you could relate it to the theme and explain the concept to the judges it was fine.

There were different categories: Sponge & Brush, Airbrushing, Special Effects, Facepainting……

I took part in the Sponge & Brush category …and…. I kinda won 1st prize.  Would you believe it?  It was very unexpected, and totally fantastic.  My model, Monique Lane, had so much fun with the public that she also won us the popular ‘People’s Choice” award.

As you know, my husband Simon  – Natator Photography– is my favourite photographer but even he could not be everywhere, so I have included photos from other photographers who were snapping away on the day……especially like to mention LisaSista who do an amazing job.

Before I show you all the picxtures I’d like to put out a special thanks to Wendy Binks.  Wendy is an artist from W.A. who is repsonsible for the fabulous emu I painted on Monique, and she graciously gave me permission to use it for the event. You can find more of Wendy’s work on