Body Paint Models Read This

Body Paint Models

Attention Body Paint Models:

Body art can be applied to many different purposes, e.g. television, film/video, photo shoots, trade shows, fashion shows, special occasions and events, promotions, live performances…..and many others.

If you would like to be a body paint model please read the following information:

At present I am not in a position to pay body paint models for my own body painting projects.
I do however invite you to join us in photo shoots on a  TFP or TFE basis.

However, here are often opportunities where I am asked to provide models for a client, and those projects are PAID.
I am happy to help promote body paint models for jobs when they become available.

Body paint models must:

* Be over 18 years of age or be with a legal guardian who will sign a full model release.
* Be willing to pose with little or no clothing.
* Be in good physical shape.
* Not have allergies to products used in body painting project.
* Have a great attitude and willing to have fun with the body paint theme.
* Be willing to sign a full model release.

For TFP projects  you will get:
* A number of fully edited high resolution images
* A CD with a copy of all your images in low and high resolutions
* The rights to use the images for your own self promotion can be arranged
* A unique experience with a fun and professional team of artists

Chaperones are welcomed on most shoots, with the only requirement being that they do not get in the way.
This must be organised in advance.